What is a cheque? The essential characteristics of a cheque | What is cheque bounce? Reasons why a cheque is generally bounced

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What is a cheque? || A Check is a bill of trade drawn upon a specified banker and is payable just on request. Lawfully, the individual who has issued the check is called as 'cabinet' or 'drawer' and the individual in whose support the check is issued is called as 'drawee'. || The essential characteristics of a cheque || Banker has to be specified | Payment should be directed to a specified person | It should be payable on demand | It has to be an unconditional order | It should be for a specific sum of money | Should have the signature of the drawer | It has to be in writing | It has to be an unconditional order || What is cheque bounce? || A check is said to be disrespected or bounced when it is exhibited for installment to a bank yet it isn't paid as a result of some reason or the other. || There are some of the reasons why a cheque is generally bounced || If there should be an occurrence of shared service where the two marks are required, just a single sign is there Passing of the client | Indebtedness of the client | Madness of the client | Crossed check | At the point when a check is issued against the tenets of trust | Modification under control | Uncertainty in validity of the check | Exhibited at the wrong branch | Intersection point of confinement of overdraft (OD) | Signature is not matching | There is overwriting in the check | Check was displayed after slip by of three months, i.e. after the check has lapsed | Record was shut | Deficient assets in the record | Installment ceased by the record holder | Opening equalization deficient | Divergence in the words and figures specified on the check | On the off chance that the check is issued by an organization, the same does not manage the seal of the organization | Bungle in account number |