Parts of Body | Body Parts Pictures for Classroom | Human being | Human body parts name with picture in english

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human body parts name list | The Face - eye, nose, mouth, ear, cheek, chin, nostril, eyebrow, eyelid, eyelash, lips. Mouth - you use your mouth to talk, to eat and to breathe. Nose - You can smell things with your nose. You can also breathe through your nose. Nostrils - these are the two holes in your nose | The Arm and Hand - finger, palm, wrist, forearm, elbow, upper arm, shoulder, thumb | The Hand and Fingers - hand thumb index finger middle finger ring finger little finger (informal: pinky finger) nail knuckle | The Leg and Foot - knee, leg, shin, calf (muscle), ankle, heel, foot, toe | ankle - the joint between your leg and your foot. | Internal Parts of the Body - heart - your heart pumps your blood around your body. lungs - when you breathe, the air goes into your lungs. veins - these transport blood through your body. They are like little tubes. brain - this is your 'thinking machine' inside your head. throat - food goes down this to get to your stomach. liver - the organ that cleans your blood. stomach - your food goes here when you swallow it. kidneys - the organs that process all your body waste. skeleton - all of the bones in your body. ribs - these are the bones that protect the organs in your chest. bones - your skeleton consists of many bones. There are about 206 in your body. skin - it covers almost the entire body and helps keep all the organs and muscles in place. | Body Parts Pictures for Classroom | Human body parts name with picture image