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Nobel Laureates

Alfred Nobel 1833-1896


Known for: The inventor of dynamite and holder of 355 patents.
Born: 21 October 1833.
Died: 10 December 1896.
Languages: Spoke five languages fluently at the age of 17.
Professions: Swedish chemist, inventor, engineer, entrepreneur, business man, author and pacifist.
Fortune: In his will he left 31 million SEK (today about 265 million dollar) to fund the prizes.
Established the Nobel Prizes "for the Greatest Benefit to Mankind"
Since 1901, the Nobel Prize has been regarding men and ladies from all sides of the globe for extraordinary
accomplishments in material science, science, physiology or solution, writing, and for work in peace. The
establishments for the prize were laid in 1895 when Alfred Nobel composed his last will, leaving quite a bit of his riches to the foundation of the Nobel Prize. In any case, who was Alfred Nobel? Articles, photos, a slide show and verse composed by Nobel himself are displayed here to give a look at a man whose changed interests are reflected in the prize he built up.