Holi | Hindu spring celebration

Orgble Published on: March 18, 2019 249 Views
Holi Festival of Colors Holi is a Hindu spring celebration, starting from the Indian subcontinent, celebrated overwhelmingly in India.It is otherwise called the "celebration of hues" or the "celebration of adoration". Holi, the celebration of hues denotes the initiation of spring season in India after the winter season. The celebration is commonly celebrated on Phalgun Purnima (February – March) and individuals welcome each other by scouring hues on one another's body or face by saying 'Bura Na Maano Holi Hai'. History The mainstream one is 'Holika Dahan' - a legendary character. Prahlada, child of evil presence ruler Hanyakashipu was an impassioned aficionado of Lord Vishnu. He resisted the requests of his insidious dad not to offer petitions to the Lord Vishnu. To show his child a thing or two, he looked for the help of his sister, Holika to execute Prahlada. Holika sat on a blaze with Prahlada, however to the shock of the lord, the flame consumed alive the invulnerable Holika and Prahlada stayed unaffected.