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Earth - Educational facts and history of the planet Earth. General Knowledge questions and answers on Earth. Fact Sheet : Earth - General Knowledge Today. Earth’s mass is 5.9736×1024 Kg. Mean density is 5.517. The most abundant elements of the Earth are • Iron (about 32.5%), • Oxygen (29.8%), • Silicon (15.6%), and • Magnesium (13.9%) Diameter of the Earth at Equator is 12,755 km, at the poles 12,712 km, and mean diameter is 12,734 km. • Equatorial radius of the Earth is 6,377 km. • The total mass of the Earth is 5.98 x 1024 kg. • Approximate age of the Earth is 4,500 million years. Structure of Earth • The Earth is structured in three layers namely − o Crust, o Mantle, and o Core – Further classified as outer core (fluid layer) and inner core (solid layer). • The upper layer of Mantle is known as ‘Asthenosphere.’ • The Crust and the upper part of Mantle collectively known as ‘Lithosphere.’ The Crust is the uppermost layer of the Earth, largely composed of rocks. The Crust is categorized as ‘Continental Crust’ and ‘Oceanic Crust.’